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Carlos Viegas   Guitar Teacher, Portugal

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CARLOS VIEGAS began teaching guitar at the Academy of Music and

Technology in Coimbra, Portugal in 2000.

Later, in 2002, moved to London to study at the Guitar Institute/Guitar School

where he had excellent tutors of guitar and live performance. He joined the

RGT/Examinations Registry of the London College of Music/Thames Valley

University and completed a LCM Grade 8 Diploma in Music Literacy and Popular

Music Theory (with Merit) in 2005.

During his stay in London he taught hundreds of students in a college in London,at music schools and privately as a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors. He returned to Portugal and continued his studies at the London College of

Music/Thames Valley University and completed his ALCM in Music Literacy Thesis (Music) (UK Level 5 QCF) in 2011 and a  Certificate in Tutoring (UK NQF Level 7 Certificate) and became an Officially Certified ITA Tutor

from the International Tutoring Association (2006-present), recognized by Cal Poly Pomona State University.

He then took a Post-graduate/Master Programme in Music Therapy from the Euroinnova Business School (INESEM, Spain) while tutoring guitar privately, writing books and doing jazz blues guitar concerts. Received his FASC from the

Academy of Saint Cecilia in 2011, and a LittD (Doctorate in Letters hc) from St.James the Elder Theological Seminary (HCCI Inc.) in 2012 as a recognition of his studies and music service to the world-wide community - a Catholic Seminary where he is now an Instructor in a sacred music certificate program.

Continued his studies and obtained his FNCM (with equivalency to an Artist Diploma/Doctoral Study from the NCMA) by Thesis/Dissertation (Jazz/Blues Guitar) (2012) from the National College of Music and Arts, London, and wrote

a new Syllabus for this organization in Jazz/Blues Guitar Playing and Teaching.

At the moment, Carlos is doing concerts of solo jazz guitar, and has recently completed Post-Doctoral Studies in Psychology of Learning and Teaching (Jazz/Blues Guitar) at the University Fernando Pessoa (Portugal) and is waiting

his process of PhD Level Recognition at University of Coimbra. He is also a candidate to another Post-Doc at University of Coimbra. He specializes in tutoring jazz/blues guitar, is an examiner for the National College of Music, but also tutors contemporary styles such as electric blues, pop, rock, etc, and has published over 50 academic books with CDs/DVDs and 10 scientific articles.


Carlos has the Following qualifications

A Member of the Register of Guitar Tutors

Graduate of London Guitar Institute

LCM Grade 8 Music Literacy / Theory