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.Duncan Jones has been playing the guitar for 22 years and teaching for 18 of those. He has gained a wealth of experience teaching all levels and all ages. He specialises in modern rock techniques - Legato, sweep picking, tapping and alternate picking.
Duncan obtained a place at the Atlanta Institute of Music in Georgia USA and graduated with Honours in 1991. Whilst there he was exposed to a great many styles of music which he continues to enjoy today.
Whilst at the Atlanta Institute of Music he was fortunate enough to study with some truly great players, Bill Hart, Adam Nite, Jimmy Herring, Shane Theriot.

Since graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music Duncan has built up his teaching practice, teaching many hundreds of players from all ages and levels. He has also been developing his compositional skills, showcasing his technique and ear for melody.

His influences include, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shawn Lane.

Duncan Charges the following:

Duncan Jones Guitar Teacher, UK

Duncan has the Following qualifications

A Member of the Register of Guitar Tutors

Honours Graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music

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