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Jack Fawdry Guitar Teacher, London

I am a qualified CRB checked guitar tutor with 5 years teaching experience and I have a 1st class honoursdegree in music performance (BMUS) available for one to one and group lessons.


I teach many styles of music, mainly focusing on rock, blues and metal and songwriting in all of these genres, I also like at every area of playing and stage performance, I have experience in teaching children as young as 6 through to older adults so anyone is welcome!

I  enjoy teaching groups and individuals so any scenario for working is fine.


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Theory / Songwriting

John Charges the following:

Jake has the Following qualifications

1st class honours degree in music performance

CRB Checked

I am fully able to teach material from basics right through to grade 8 any skill level is acceptable, I am also good with helping pupils iron out performance issues and psychology blocks that can hinder someone’s playing and have helped pupils in the past make the most of auditions, correct use of equipment etc.

My main focus, when working with slightly more advance players, is based on the vast application opportunities you can take from a very small source eg. How using one extra note in a solo or phrase can change the sound completely or how leaving space between chords can add tension in a progression etc 

I focus on building solid foundations with elements of theory when taking on beginners and always mould my teaching techniques to best accommodate a new players strengths and weaknesses.

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