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MDS  Guitar Teacher, Germany

MDS Teaches the following styles

Rock / Metal / Shred / Neoclassical

Blues  / Blues Rock / Improvisation

Rock & Roll  / Pop / Acoustic

Guitar Maintenance / Sight Reading





MDS was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He grew up listening to The Beatles, Queen, Roxette, Jimmy Hendrix and metal bands like Metallica and Manowar. At the age of sixteen he started taking guitar lessons, after playing the piano for six years. At the age of seventeen he moved to Columbus, Ohio where he lived for a year. There he had enough time to start improving his technical abilities on the guitar, while graduating Bexley High school.

At the age of eighteen MDS went back to Bulgaria where he got enrolled in the guitar department of New Bulgarian University.

After graduating with honor, he fulfilled one of his dreams – to learn from the best in show business. MDS won scholarship and went to Los Angeles where he attended LA Music Academy. There he had the unique chance to study with Frank Gambale, Brad Rabuchin, Steve Fister, Philip Bynoe and many other great musicians.

MDS is influenced by musicians like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, John Petrucci and Dream Theater, Gary Moore, Steve Morse and many others.

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    MDS Charges the following

Whether you are just starting to wander the universe of guitar, or you want to explore new techniques, improve your playing with tips and pointers and expand your musical horizons. Modes, scales, pentatonics, arpeggios, speed picking, legatos and tapping techniques – all in one place in the comfort of your own house and in the time that suits you best -  One on One sessions via Skype,with MDS

MDS has the Following qualifications

Scholarship to LA Music Academy

Honours Graduate of New Bulgaria University

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