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Q. How do the Internet guitar lessons work?
A. Its very simple, you choose the teacher that you would like to learn from, pick a time that suits you and pay. Once you have booked and paid for a lesson a member of our staff will contact you to test your setup. All you then do is simply log in and learn from your chosen teacher.

Q. What equipment do I need?
A. Guitar / amp / pick etc. Computer with broadband connection, Skype or Instant Messenger and Webcam

Q. How do I download my purchases?
A. Go to customer login and download your purchase.

Q. Can I sign up to become a tutor?
A. Yes you can, we are currently recruiting new teachers. Please go to
teachers wanted for more information

Q. Do i need a teacher?
A. When you take guitar lessons, you are learning from a teacher with many years of experience who has literally devoted thousands of hours to perfecting his skill and technique. Lets be frank here the guitar is a hard instrument to learn, one that requires a lot of effort to master. If you want choose to learn from a teacher, you will benefit from all their experience and skill ultimately you will learn far quicker and get to your goal much faster than trying to figure things out on your own.

Well i here you say what about people you hear about who learn just by ear, well that’s great there will always be people who are naturally gifted and quick learners. However one of the biggest's myths in music is that to be able to play and compose you need some special mandate from on high. The only thing you need is the drive and focus to keep working even when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up.

Every player on the planet feels like that, its the love of the instrument that just keeps you going. A teacher will be there always to help you and give advice because they have been there too.

Q. Why should i choose a tutor who is based online?
A teacher in the same room as you will always be the best way to learn, however one based online has many other benefits as well.

●You have access to teachers from all over the world who you would never be able to study with normally.

●You have access to these players from the comfort of your own home.
●You have access to different teachers to learn many different styles of music all in one place
●We only recruit the best teachers, these teachers will get results.

Q. The lessons seem expensive
A. When you have one to one lessons you are getting the following for your money.

●A 100% bespoke focused lesson on what you need and want to learn
●The benefit of learning from a teacher with many thousands of hours of playing and experience
●Every lesson is planned before hand to maximise the tuition time, this planning requires thought and preparation.
●Our teachers will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve what you want. No searching online for countless hours piecing together bits of free content to get to something that's only ever half understood. You go straight into leaning exactly what you need to..


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much do lessons cost?
A. Depends on which teacher you choose, each one of our tutors sets their own rate depending upon there level of experience etc.

Q. Are lessons available to all levels?
A. Yes lessons are available to all levels, from total beginner to advanced, there is something here for everyone to learn.