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Video lessons

Do you have a video lessons that you would like published on the Internet, and would like to earn some income from all your hard work.?

We would like lessons on all styles, from Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Flamenco, Bluegrass, Shred, Blues, Acoustic music, what ever your talent is we want to hear from you. We will pay £25.00 per video submitted, email us on: and we will send a drop box link to you so we can upload your videos once they have been reviewed.

Guitar Teachers wanted  

We can offer you a great opportunity ....Read more

Want to earn money from Video lessons ?

We pay £25.00 per video lesson submitted to us... Read More

Become a Guitar Teacher, Guitar Teachers Wanted

Guitar Teachers Wanted

Become an Online Teacher

Have spare time and want a second income as a teacher, if so we want to hear from you.

Are you already a teacher and want to reach a world wide market

Want to teach the guitar but don’t want the hassle of advertising and running a business

Have the skill and don’t know where to start

Guitar Teachers Wanted

Like most teachers you probably would rather concentrate on your own playing and teaching, advertising and constantly chasing new students is both time consuming and expensive.

 The opportunity we are offering is:

• By becoming a teacher with us we will take care of all promotions / advertising. We collect tuition fees on your behalf.
• We pay you an agreed subcontractor rate for every lesson
• We can even manage your own business / tax affairs from a partner accountancy firm.
• Any lessons your write and sell via our web site we pay commissions to you. (You retain ownership, we just market for you)
• Any video lesson we pay commissions on as well.   (You retain ownership, we just market for you)

All you need to do is:

• Decide how many lessons you want to teach and at what times
• Write exercises / licks
• Most importantly of all just do what you do best…teach.

Guitar Teachers Wanted - Key Benefits


Supplement your current students with online teaching.

flexibility - teach the hours your want audience is world wide, you are able to take advantage of time zone differences to teaching at more social able times.

All teachers once accepted will be give Associate member status with the Register of Guitar Tutors

Earn commissions on video and book content written, the more content your write the bigger the payout!

Raise you own player / teacher profile to a world wide market instead of a local one.

Earn an income from something you love, in a painless way.

No advertising costs to pay out.

No travel costs - all teaching is done from your own home.

If you are interested please email your CV and a demo of your playing. Please be advised we receive many applications, only genuine applications will be considered.  See the link below

The only additional equipment that you need is a computer with a broadband connection, and a webcam

We are after talented guitar players and teachers

We are offering teachers with real ability and passion for teaching a business opportunity like no other.

To register your interest and request an audition, email us using the address below, please ensure you include a sample of your playing and a resume.

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